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Window 10 CompatibleThe Free Meditation Timer ensures that people can concentrate on their meditation and let the tool do the job of keeping the time. It is a very handy tool that all such users can make the most of. There are a host of features which make this a better known product from amongst its ilk. The first one of all is that it is free of cost. It can be downloaded on a device that runs on Windows OS without paying a single penny. The fact that this can be accomplished within a few minutes is yet another advantage. This small sized tool is light on the system?s resources as well. The speed and performance of the laptop or PC being used are not affected in the least. The Free Meditation Timer has a straight forward interface. All the functions are laid out in a clear manner on the main menu itself. This saves a lot of effort on the part of the users. A host of variations makes it an ideal choice for anyone who wishes to customize this tool. The background color can be modified according to the individual?s choice. The music which is to be played at the end of the set time can also be chosen in the initial stages. Users can set the timer in just a few clicks. All that needs to be done is to type the duration of mediation in the relevant space and click on ?Start?. They can choose for no music or add a soothing piece in the background to make the meditation more effective. The Free Meditation Timer lets users choose between bells or soft gongs which come with a volume control. It is an apt tool for everyone who is looking for an efficient timer.

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